It’s that time of year again! And there’s nothing better than a warm wool carpet or rug to keep your toes snuggly through the cold winter days.

Why we love wool: Natural wool fiber is a rapidly renewable material because the sheep can be sheared annually throughout the duration of their life! Shearing before lambing helps keep the animals cleaner during birth and is also believed to help the lamb have an easier time finding the udder. The sheep are usually sheared in April when the weather is the warmest so the sheep have an easier time adjusting. 

Our favorite brands include Earthweave, Hibernia, Mohawk, PacifiCrest, and Unique Carpets Ltd. Earthweave is commercially rated for durability and does not do any chemical moth-proofing. Search Green Goods Products for the carpet that meets your design needs. Healthy for the environment and your family! 

We Do Modular Rugs Too!

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