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USFloors Cork Underlayment Adhesive - 4 gallon

USFloors Cork Underlayment Adhesive - 4 gallon

Wakol D 3540 Cork Adhesive

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Wakol D 3540 Cork Adhesive is a solvent free, water based contact adhesive for the interior installation cork tiles on porous and non-porous subfloors, walls and to permanently adhered, non-cushioned, clean, existing floor coverings.

WARNING: Shipping water based products during winter months is less than ideal. Liquids CANNOT be drop-shipped during winter/cold months without protection. APC Cork understands that jobs must continue so we stock freezer containers to ship. We will not ship without the boxes as once the product freezes it is rendered un-useable. The additional cost to ship is $20.



Special Features

  • Solvent free
  • Extra long working time
  • Suitable for chair casters
  • High initial strength
  • Can be walked on immediately
  • For radiant heated floors 


  • Bases: Synthetic polymers and latex
  • VOC content: None
  • Cleaning agent: Water before adhesives cures
  • Trowels and coverage: Loba microfibre roller #60-80or #120
  • Coverage: 1 gal. covers 160 sq ft
  • Climate conditions at Work site: 60˚F to 75˚F, 40% to 65% relative humidity
  • Open time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending on climate conditions and absorbency of substrates, allow adhesives to dry until it is clear
  • Working time: 2 to 3 hours when installing precoated tiles working time is reduced to 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Curing time: Curing takes 24 hours, light traffic allowed immediately after installation
  • Shelf life: 1 year in unopened container at 70˚F


All surfaces shall be dry, smooth and level. They must be structurally sound, solid, well fastened clean and free from dust, oil and grease, paint, wax, old adhesives. Check for curing and parting compounds, surface hardeners and sealers which are known to interfere with the adhesive bond to concrete, as well as loosely bonded toppings, primers or any other deleterious substances that may prevent or reduce adhesion.

Prior to the installation check any subfloor properly according to NWFA guidelines.

Any irregularities of the subfloors may telegraph through the cork flooring; make sure the subfloor is evenly smooth and level.

New Concrete:

New concrete floors should be constructed, finished and cured ( minimum 30- 60 days) in accordance with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 302 “Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction” (Class 2 or 4) with a minimum compressive strength of 3,500 PSI (246 kg /cm²).

Before starting installation on concrete subfloors, moisture test must be conducted. The Anhydrous Calcium KIT (calcium-chloride) has been designed to produce qualitative and quantitative results. Emissions of moisture through the subfloor should not exceed 3 pounds /1,000 sq. ft. / 24 hours (1,36 kg/93m²/ 24 hours).

Alkali salts can be carried to the surface of concrete subfloors during the curing or where excessive moisture conditions exist. These deposits can create adhesive bond failures. The suitability of the slab can be determined with the use of pH testing paper or sticks. It is suitable to install the flooring if the pH is under 10.

Wood Subfloors/ Underlayments:

Preferred underlayments such as plywood, particle board with 40 lb. per cu. Ft. density, and OSB (oriented strand board) should have the APA trademark and be recommended or guaranteed by the underlayment manufacturer or the wood flooring’s manufacturer. The subfloor over which the underlayment will be installed must be smooth, dry properly fastened and free of joint swelling, warping or delamination, multiply and tecply underlayments have been approved as is APA-AC/BC EXTERIOR.

Other Subfloors:

Existing cement terrazzo and cement tiles must have full adhesion to the subfloor. Remove all residues of maintenance agents and other materials that may deteriorate a good adhesion. Prime any non porous subfloors with prime WAKOL D 3073 and level with a high quality cement based underlayment in a minimum thickness pf 3/32”.


An even surface is necessary plaster must be leveled with fine, high quality wall filler. To bond dust use WAKOL D 3073 Universal Primer diluted 1:2 with water. Minimum drying time of 24 hours is needed.


Stir adhesive well before use.

Spread adhesive evenly and uniformly on the back of the tile and the subfloor using the recommended roller. The tiles can be coated and allowed to dry in advance (maximum 24 hours before installation), however the substrate must be coated at the time of installation, be sure that tiles and subfloor are completely covered. Allow to dry until the adhesive is clear, dry to the touch and slightly glossy. If you are unsure about the coverage a second coat may be applied once the first coat is dry.

Clean tools and equipment with water before adhesive cures.

General Information

Do not use adhesive below grade with excessive moisture or hydrostatic pressure. Acclimatize materials during cold period properly.

Do not use WAKOL D 3540 for vinyl cork flooring.


The responsibility of the suitability of the adhesive to each individual case cannot be assumed as the manufacturer has no influence on the proper application of the adhesives by the installer and or contractor. The directions for use were established on the basis of research, experiences and tests believed reliable. Any liability on the part of the seller cannot be derived there from verbal information is subject to written confirmation.

More Information
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Brand: APC Cork

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