Nova Cork 3-Part Specification


1.01 Definitions

1.01a. This specification refers to Nova Distinctive Floors Cork Floating Floor.

1.01b. Installer is defined as proficient, experienced personnel assigned to install the flooring material.

1.02 Installer Experience Level

1.02a. Installer must be experienced and proficient in the installation of tongue and groove floating floor materials. Installer should install flooring as per instructions provided by Nova Distinctive Floors.

1.03 Description of Work

1.03a. Prepare sub-floor per manufacturers’ instructions in areas specified to receive Nova Cork flooring.

1.03b. Install-flooring material using manufacturers’ recommended installation products in accordance with manufacturers' instructions.

1.03c. Finish clean and protect floor per manufacturers’ recommendations

1.04 Delivery, Storage and Handling

1.04a. Flooring materials, and finishes must be delivered to the job site a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation.


2.01 General

2.01a. Product recommendations, and installation and maintenance instructions, are based upon Nova Distinctive Floors Cork Floating Floor.

2.01b. Detailed instructions on sub-floor preparation, installation and maintenance are available on the Nova Distinctive Floors website at

2.02 Approved Manufacturer

2.02a. Nova Distinctive Floors 866-576-2458

2.03 Submittals

2.03a. Submit product data, samples and installation and maintenance recommendations for each item specified.

2.03b. Submit two samples of 12”x12” to illustrate product shade, design and finish for approval by client or responsible party. Samples will be used as a standard by client and installer for material to be installed.

2.04 Warranties

2.04a. Manufacturer will provide (20) year wear warranty for residential applications and (10) year wear warranty for commercial applications. See website for details

2.05 Materials

2.05a. Nova Cork Floating Floor shall meet the following specifications.

1. Nova Cork Floating Floor shall be made of 100% cork and HDF (High Density Fiberboard). Thickness of the cork surface shall be 2mm or 3mm. HDF core shall have a thickness of 6.8mm. Acoustical cork backing shall have a thickness of 1.2mm. Overall thickness of floating floor planks shall be 10mm (3/8”) or 11mm (7/16”).

2. Tongue and groove shall be Uniclic- U.S. Patent nr. 6,006,486.

3. Style: Specify name as listed on manufacturers' sample.

4. Physical Properties:

      • Dimensions: Specify plank dimension and thickness in inches
        • Standard dimensions: 12”x36”x7/16” or (3/8”)
      • Finish: Water-based Matte Polyurethane. Three Coats


3.01 Sub-floor Preparation

3.01a. Prepare concrete or plywood sub-floor according to manufacturers' recommendations

3.01b. Conduct moisture tests to ensure that moisture emission levels are within acceptable levels.

3.01c. Provide detailed sub-floor preparation guidelines to those responsible for sub-floor preparation.

3.02 Application

3.02a. Provide detailed manufacturers’ installation instructions to floor installer.

3.02b. Conditions on site for acclimation and installation shall be maintained for 48 hours prior, during and after installation between 60° F and 75° F with relative humidity between 50% and 60%.

3.02c. Compare Floating Floor with submitted approved samples to ensure installation of the correct materials.

3.02d. Inspect materials prior installation for any manufacturing defects.

3.02e. Install Nova Cork Floating Floor material according to manufacturers' instructions.

3.02f. Plank pattern: The floor should be installed in a staggered joint pattern.

3.02g. Install material using floor preparation materials recommended by the manufacturer.

3.02h. After floor installation is complete, install floor transitions and base according to instructions.

3.03 Curing, Cleaning and Protection

3.03a. After installation, it is recommended not to clean or finish floor for 12 hours for final acclimation. After 12 hours, clean the floor according to manufacturers' maintenance guidelines.

3.03b. Nova Distinctive Floors recommends the application of water-based matte polyurethane finish to seal floor joints. Use only those products approved by Nova Distinctive Floors.

3.03c. Only foot traffic shall be permitted on floor for 12 hours after installation.

3.03d. Protect the floor against scratching and gouging with material suited to the type of traffic it shall be submitted to during the completion of construction/renovation.

3.03e. After completion of construction, the floor shall be cleaned according to manufacturers' instruction.

3.03f. Provide manufacturers' detailed post-installation maintenance instructions to those responsible for post-installation maintenance.

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