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Richlite's original color Natural represents the companies rich history. Founded in 1943 in the Pacific Northwest, Richlite was originally used for machine tooling by the aerospace industry. Eventually the paper-composite material was adopted by the commercial food industry due to its sanitary and durable qualities. Richlite was embraced by the marine industry due to its water-resistant construction, and the action sports industry for use in building skateparks. In the early 2000’s, the architecture and design community began to utilize Richlite for numerous interior and exterior applications. Today Richlite is widely used in consumer products and still in use as an industrial material.

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Richlite is an incredibly durable, extremely versatile, and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper. Originally developed over 70 years ago for industrial tooling and pattern making, Richlite has expanded into a premium surface material used in the aerospace, marine, action sports, culinary, architecture, and design industries, and in machine shops and automotive manufacturing. Handmade from many layers of high quality custom craft paper, Richlite's surface texture comes from the natural variation in the way fibers lay within the paper. Composed of approximately 65% FSC®-certified or recycled paper content and 35% phenolic resin, Richlite's color comes from a combination of the paper and the amber tone of the resin.

A signature mottled appearance and warmth complement Richlite's range of interior and exterior applications including furniture, cabinetry, cladding, skateparks, consumer products, signage, retail displays, restaurant tables, bar tops, and worktops, and for industrial use in die stock, silent gears, and foundry patterns. Dense and durable, yet easily tooled, pleasing to the eye, and with its smooth, natural aesthetic, Richlite has become a choice material for a wide range of architects, designers, industrial manufacturers and product developers. From guitar fret boards, culinary cutting surfaces, skateparks, mobile phone cases, industrial tooling molds, and router blocks, Richlite can be found in a wide range of products and industries.


Richlite uses both ethanol and methanol as a solvent in the resin system. The choice to use a mixture is due to the low amount of energy required to burn off the emissions during the saturation process, as alternative resins require excessively higher amounts of energy. Through the process, called WE™ (Waste-to-Energy) Technology, essentially a closed-loop energy system, wasted resin is recaptured and used as fuel during the drying stage, minimizing Richlite's natural gas usage by 83%.

Carbon Footprint Report

Richlite began tracking emissions in 2005 using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), which was developed through a partnership between the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Richlite set a 5-year goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 30%. By 2005, Richlite exceeded the goal with a total 32% decrease of CO2 emissions.


Using a phenolic resin in the manufacturing process, Richlite achieves unsurpassed quality in the finished product and minimizes energy consumption, with no added Urea Formaldehyde. In addition to reduced energy consumption, the phenolic resin has the EcoBind™ designation, due to the fact it is one of the lowest VOC emitters on the resin market. EcoBind™ resins have been formulated to meet or exceed all global emission standards including US HUD, European EMB, and Japanese standards, as well as specifications recommended by the Green Building Council and the State of California.


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