Why Buy Online

Sustainability is about supporting small independent businesses and choosing to buy local when possible. As green products become more and more popular, small independent green building supply stores are popping up all across America. We encourage you to enquire and search out your local green businesses. However there are instances when buying online offers greater benefit.

The Benefits of buying online:

  • Green and clean - Save time, money and gas by not driving around and contributing to pollution
  • More affordable products due to lower overhead operating costs
  • Convience and ease of 7 days a week 24 hour shopping from your own home
  • Products may not be available locally
  • Compare prices and research products easily
  • Easily accessible reviews of products and brands
  • Ability to utilize shopping bots to find the best prices
  • One stop shopping for all your needs

The Benefits of buying from small local business:

  • Ability to touch, feel and borrow products at no cost
  • Local expertise offer better customer service
  • Keep dollars in your local economy, which creates jobs and expands the local tax base.
  • Thriving small progressive businesses make your community unique and hold off the onslaught of big box
  • Local businesses nurture your community by contributing dollars and volunteer hours to local not for profits and charitable causes
  • Small local businesses help ensure more innovation, progress and competition
  • Preserves  entrepreneurship that fuels America's economic innovation and prosperity.