#Local support local - Be Green with your meal

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#Local support local - Be Green with your meal

In 2021, we decided to express our support to local business that share same green values than us. It 's almost Spring time and for the new upcoming season we have the pleasure to introduce to you the AWESOME SLO VEG, the local harvest delivery box! :)

  • What is SLO veg and how it support local farmers

SLO Veg is a subscription-based local produce delivery service here in San Luis Obispo! We offer Harvest boxes which include selections of peak season fruits and vegetables, we also offer fruit boxes as well as certain grocery goods such as sourdough bread, fish, legumes, juice, and more!

One of the pillars of our business is community. Our mission is to build community through fresh, local, and sustainable food. A huge part of our outreach is featuring products from local farms and businesses as we feel that buying local fosters opportunities to connect with and show support for our neighbors.  

Our business not only aims to serve our customers with fresh, delicious produce, but also attempts to benefit the farmers that we purchase from. Our subscription rates help offer our farmers a clearer picture of their predicted demand. This helps local farms delineate their resources based on consumer interests. Our subscription service also offers financial assurance for local farms which they can then use to compensate employees with livable wages and invest in necessary tools and materials needed for farm upkeep. 

  • How do you choose to work with farmers, what are the criteria

We’re not picky! Our main criteria consists of a company being local, preferably organic, and sustainability focused. Our biggest agenda is to serve this community, we love to offer new products when we can and are always looking for fun new collaborations for produce offerings and marketplace inventory!

  • Can you explain, enable sustainable crop production by small farmers

We believe that buying from smaller farms is better for the community, better for the earth, and better for our bodies. Small farms do a better job of accurately portraying the supply and demand needs of a region. This, in turn, leads to less pollution, maintains biodiversity, and does a better job of preserving the nutrient integrity of soil. Additionally, since there is a higher prevalence of resource limitations associated with smaller farms, they’re typically more apt to employ sustainable farming practices such as cutting back on water usage or harboring nutrients from natural sources.

  • How can we be green consumer

As a consumer, you have direct control of where your money goes. That said, it is important to do your research regarding the mission statements and values of whatever company you are interested in supporting. As we’ve highlighted, we encourage shopping local as it’s better for the community and more sustainable. 

Other tips that we recommend is doing your part in minimizing your consumer waste. Purchasing from companies that utilize recyclable/compostable packaging is a great place to start. We have so many fun secondhand thrift stores in the central coast which are great places to pick up mason jars and reusable containers that can be used for bulk purchasing from grocery stores. When it comes to food, specifically produce, the way you store it has a huge impact in the longevity of your food. We have storage tips listed on our website that will help keep your produce fresh for two to three weeks! Lastly, we always recommend composting, food waste happens to the best of us, and being smart with your waste and food scraps makes a huge difference.

  • Can you tell us which veggies and fruits in California are following season

We live in an amazing climate that allows for a huge variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round. To name a few, we’ve been featuring lots of beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, leeks, and squash in our harvest boxes. As for fruit, we’ve been featuring tons of kiwis and citrus such as Meyer lemons, tangelos, blood oranges and grapefruits.

We’ve been seeing signs of Spring popping up around SLO and are getting excited for a fresh new selection of amazing produce, hello strawberry season!

  • How consuming locally can help climate change

Consuming locally is a really effective way to cut back on emissions and energy. In America, conventional food travels 1,494 miles on average to get from the farm to our dinner tables. The closest farm that we  at SLO Veg purchase from is across the street from our production and distribution site. Local purchasing is an awesome way to do your part in cutting back on the fuel and energy necessary for food transport. Remember that the phrase “farm to table” is so much more romantic when that “farm” is a local one.

  • What green business means to you guys

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place that grants access to so much of the outdoors. Our shared values and interests surrounding outdoor activities has brought our team together here at SLO Veg, we often get together on weekends to go hiking and climbing together. With that, we feel a huge sense of social responsibility to do our part in preserving, respecting, and enhancing the environment by being intentional about company waste and conservation efforts. To do this, we’ve collaborated with several local initiatives to donate any extra food or food waste that we end up with. We also make a conscious effort to minimize plastic by using recyclable boxes and compostable bags/containers. We also save all the packaging that we receive from our farmers so that we can give it back to them to be reused.

  • And Sustainability?

Part of being a sustainable business, in our opinion, is always looking for opportunities to grow and be more environmentally conscious where we can. There’s always room for improvement and we’re always seeking out ways to make better decisions for our business and for the earth.

SLO Veg - Central Coast Harvest, Delivered To Your Door.

805.704.8230 & service@sloveg.com

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