Nursery Journey - Part 1

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Nursery Journey - Part 1

I think it's safe to say that 2020 hasn't started off on the right foot, but in the mist of everything going on there is a little ray of sunshine and good news that can come along the way. I will be welcoming a baby girl at the end of fall/early winter time and couldn't be more excited to get a start on designing the nursery. As a designer here at Green Goods, I've seen a lot of different concepts and designs for whenever we do a remodel, but I never gave much thought to nursery design until I found out I was expecting.  

Prior to knowing what I was expecting, I already had some thoughts on where I wanted to take the nursery. I knew I wanted to have green be the main color with hints of blue and grey if ended up being a boy and hints of pinks & purples if it was a girl. I had played with the idea of nature and succulents and seeing that I'm in fact expecting a girl, I thought the theme would be the perfect idea. I've had a love of incorporating succulents in my personal life, so it just seemed fitting. My wedding played a lot with succulents, from my bouquet to the center pieces so why not the baby's room too?

Take a look at my design board for how I further dove into the succulent theme.

I plan on doing 3 of the main walls in Sherwin Williams Aloe and have an accent wall in Jadite to play with the darker greens you can get from succulents.  Pink and purple succulents make the perfect subtle pop on the dark wall, so I plan to either hand paint these on (if I'm feeling creative) or I've found metal hanging art that work just as well. 

Wish me luck and remember to look out for my progress post in the next month so you can see how the nursery is coming together!

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