Product Highlight - American Clay

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Product Highlight - American Clay

We know it’s been a difficult time for everyone since the pandemic hit, and we also know people have been using this free time to do some home improvements on their house, both inside and out. From changing out flooring, plumbing fixtures, to maybe some planting. Tired of the paint color on your walls and are looking to do something a bit more unique and different? Why not try your hand at applying American Clay plasters on your walls. Not only is it a healthy alternative to other material like paint, wallpaper, and cement it’s made with 100% natural sourced material.  The best part? It’s totally safe to do it yourself!

This non toxic plaster comes in 8 different plaster finishes with hundreds of color options to choose from. That can seem a bit overwhelming, so if you’re not sure where to start I’d recommend narrowing down the finish you’d like to achieve.  Each have their own special blend as well as look and feel. Choose between the original plasters – Loma, Porcelina, Lomaline, Marittimo, and Enjarre or try your hand at their new Forte plasters – Forte Base, Forte Finish, and Forte White. I personally love the look and feel of the Porcelina option due to the smoother finish that you can achieve but still showcases the natural texture that come with apply a clay plaster.

The great thing about American Clay is it’s not just used for walls, you can also use it on fireplace surrounds and in the bathroom as well. Check out American Clay's website for all the options you can choose from as well as having informative for hands on workshops and online workshops which are useful during these times.

In the meantime check out some great applications from American Clay's website that highlight Loma, Porcelina, and Marittimo to give you a little inspiration.

This private home in Colorado uses Porcelina in Sugarloaf White throughout the home. Check out more photos here
This modern home in New Zealand showcases the Marittimo texture in Oyser Bay. Check out more photos here
This stunning Lakewood ranch home uses Loma in Snow Canyon through out the home for a soft and subtle look. Check out more images here

Whether your ready to get your hands dirty or just want to gather inspiration for your next remodel project, don't forget to think outside the box at some of your options!

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