Product Highlight - Arto Tile

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Product Highlight - Arto Tile

There’s nothing quite like a handmade tile. The texture and natural variation just can’t be replicated in mass production. If you are looking for a product that doesn’t patina over time or is perfectly uniform, Arto probably isn’t for you. I would recommend porcelain. However if you love the variation in natural products and want a unique material that evolves with you, I am excited to share one of my favorite products!

Arto is a family owned company based in Southern California that continues to make ceramic and concrete tile the traditional way- with skilled artisans, sourcing local materials and with lots of hard work.

Arto offers a variety of hand made tiles, thin brick, hand painted ceramic decorative tile exterior pavers, wall and pier caps. I have definitely used the Artillo concrete tiles most, they are so easy to place in projects. The Artillo tiles come in a variety of shapes that can be combined with each other to form even more designs and patterns. If you want to add more dimension, you could do a 30/30/40 mix of three colors to create a custom blend. Or even inlay a handprinted tile for visual interest.

I love when companies offer custom solutions. Inevitably there’s always something that needs to be altered just slightly to be the perfect fit. Arto offers a variety of colors that all their products can be made in, but if there isn’t the right shade, they can custom blend as well. If you’re looking to match certain brand colors, this is a great option.

I understand that neutral designs aren’t for everyone, but I have always gravitated towards them. I love color and know there is a place for it, but there’s just something about a space that uses texture for visual interest and Arto is definitely the product for the job. Here are some of my favorite uses in projects.

Plaster and Arto just belong together. I love how they smooth texture of the
plaster balances the bold hand painted Arto ceramic tile. Arto can be used in both interior and exterior applications. I would confirm with your installer whether or not a sealer should be applied where you choose to place it.

I love how a simple 8” x 8” square is transformed into a unique pattern just
by surrounding it with 3”x 11” pickets. I often find I lean towards wood
flooring for the warmth it introduces into a space, but I would argue that Arto could deliver very similar results.

Once all this uncertainly settles and you need a weekend getaway, I highly recommend Ojai, CA. Not only will you be surrounded by great wineries and home decor stores downtown, but the Ojai Valley Inn showcases Arto throughout their property so you can experience and appreciate it in person.

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