Project Highlight- Morro Bay Bathrooms

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Project Highlight- Morro Bay Bathrooms

Designed by Christina Grzenda

The project highlight for the month of April is an open and airy master bathroom and guest bathroom in Morro Bay.  The master bathroom previously had old fixtures, drab carpet, and was in need of a face lift while still keeping the character of the home. The houses architecture featured a lot of wood throughout the house and the client wanted to keep that present, so details such as the wood trim and the existing wood toilet stall allowed for the original architecture to still be present in both the master and guest bathroom in the new design.

One of the first things to go in the new master bathroom design? The carpet which was something our Interior Designer, Christina Grzenda was happy to see go. Once the old tile and fixtures as well as the old make up station was pulled, the next step was to remove the window and frame out a new location for the new window that would be installed over a free-standing tub. The client opted not to have a dam for the show, so once the concrete was cut out a line drain was installed for proper drainage.

Beautiful slate looking porcelain tile provided by Happy Floors provided a non-slip option perfect to continue into the master shower area and the wide range of variation in color from grays to creams and golds allowed for it to easily meshed well with the overall tone and accents in the space. Emser’s logic 4x10 subway tile in a matte Bone option was used on the walls and shower niche to give it a clean and contemporary feel. A custom-made walnut vanity made by Green Goods cabinet shop perfectly stores and shows off the client’s eclectic pieces. Caesarstone’s Sleek Concrete was used for both vanity tops and backsplash the master and guest bathroom and satin nickel fixtures keep things clean and contemporary in both spaces.

While both master and guest bathroom used the same materials the use of different lighting to highlight each space was used. To keep with the wood accents, the client found beautiful wood sconces from Acropolis lighting in San Luis Obispo to be installed on the framed mirror in the master bathroom and used lighting from Restoration Hardware for the fixtures featured in the guest bathroom. Our Interior Designer, Christina Grzenda had a great time watching these two spaces take shape and transform into the final projects. Take a look at the before and after shots and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Photographer Elliott Johnson for shooting such beautiful shots! Check out more of his work here.

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